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Housecalls for Your Pets!

Schedule your loved one on the road to therapy: 386.276.0997

In-Home Laser Therapy and Massage for Your Pets!

Mobility and pain issues in your pet are challenging and heart-breaking. Traveling to get treatment can be hard and adds to your stress, so APT comes to you!

Your initial in-home appointment is with Dr. Terri Rosado, an experienced and certified rehabilitation veterinarian. She will:

Perform a complete orthopedic and neurologic exam of your pet

Discuss her findings with you

Make recommendations for home exercises, laser therapy, and/or massage therapy as appropriate

Update your regular veterinarian

Certified, Well-Trained Laser or Massage Technician

Prescribed treatments will be provided in your home.

Laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, stimulates tissue repair, and speeds healing, successfully treating:


Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)

Degenerative Myelopathy



Post-operative pain and swelling

And more...

Health Benefits for Your Pets

Massage therapy improves circulation, range-of-motion and muscle elasticity, relaxes the body and mind; and relieves pain. Some of the conditions we can help:

Trigger points

Muscle spasms and strains


Mobility restrictions

Muscle pain associated with arthritis

Delivering Veterinary Care to Your Door

Objective 1

We strive to provide only the best veterinary care for your animals. Doing so in an environment that is comfortable for them leads to a calm and relaxed visit for everyone involved.

Objective 2

We aspire to cultivate a trustworthy relationship between our team, your four-legged companions, and you; to communicate in a transparent way and ensure that your pet ownership is as rewarding as it is successful.

Objective 3

Our team works to stay current and knowledgeable on techniques for advanced pet care. We always look to learn more as new information regarding innovative pet therapies and treatments becomes available.


Dr. Rosado has been such an incredible resource for our family! Our little guy has anxiety, so going into the office for appointments sometimes exacerbates the issue at hand. This has given us all peace of mind in terms of being able to get to the root of the problem and then treating it accordingly.

– MB

As long time patients of Dr. Rosado, we trust she and her team with all aspects of care. Over the years, we had had our fair share of surgeries and injuries as we have multiple sighthounds in our family. In-home laser therapy has been a game changer in terms of recovery time. Getting the gang healed and back into mobility asap.

– JD

Susan Miller has been doing massage & laser treatments for my older cat and dog, who were both experiencing increasing discomfort with movement. The results are better than expected. Susan is very professional & knowledgeable in the holistic care of my pet family. I highly recommend Susan with complete confidence. 

– JG

My 14 year old standard sized Goldendoodle has greatly benefitted from laser and therapeutic massages for the past two years. He loves Susan, and I’m a firm believer she has kept him more mobile, while also adding to the quality of his life!

– DA

Passion for Your Pets with a Plan

We hope to share our passion with you and assist in providing a healthy and happy life for your pet.


Advanced Pet Therapies

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